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Our company's raison d'être is to respond to the growing demand for translation services created by the boom in new technologies and globalisation.

Over the years we have met the translation needs of many companies in different countries, particularly in software localisation and video games, providing them with all the human and technological resources they require.

Our extensive range of services covers all the translation requirements of the most demanding clients: technical, legal, scientific, medical and computer texts as well as certified translations etc.

Our commitment to meeting delivery times is a clear demonstration of our professional approach.

Translation services


Thanks to our international network of professional translators we can overcome any language barrier, provide a high-quality end product and meet the needs of our clients, all this while offering an extensive range of language combinations.

Translation involves more than merely converting words into another language. Only highly qualified native speakers can capture the nuances of their mother tongue and have an innate feel for its turns of phrase. That's why we work only with native translators with a perfect command of their mother tongue and extensive knowledge of the source language.

Work methodology

  • Receipt of the project
  • Detailed analysis and coordination of project
  • Consultation with our specialists

You are a key part of this phase. Nobody knows your product better than you. That's why it is essential that information flows constantly between your company and ours.

Some terms can be translated in many ways but sometimes only one of these translations is suitable for your company.

· Translation

Receipt and proofreading of the translation by our team of specialists.

· Quality control

Delivery of end product in the period and format agreed on.

Interpreting services

· Interpretation

Over the years we have built up a network of rigorously selected interpreters guaranteed to safeguard the credibility and prestige of your company. Our interpreters will guide and support you in your business affairs to ensure that your meetings are a success.

· Consecutive interpretation

Our interpreters accompany you on visits, business trips, working lunches and meetings anywhere in the world. Alternatively, we can also provide you with an interpreter in the country of destination.

· Simultaneous interpretation

Our interpreters will be there for you at conferences, seminars, conventions and congresses; our impressive references speak for themselves.

We can also provide you with the technical equipment you need for simultaneous interpretation (cabins, headphones, etc).

· Telephone interpretation services

With a single call we can organise a three-way telephone conference for you in your office and interpret it into several languages if necessary.

· Interpretation at law courts and police stations

Services include liaison, consecutive and face-to-face interpretation.


Our translation and DTP teams work together closely to ensure the translated document is correctly presented. In doing so they carry out exhaustive checks of electronic (PDFs) and printed documents and send them to the client for their final approval prior to printing or online publication.

The desktop publishing team is made up of experienced professionals working in 24 languages. In each case they verify the format required by the client and, if necessary, design components for their subsequent integration into a variety of documents, depending on the client's needs.


We make sure your products successfully break into international markets by adapting them to the linguistic and cultural context of the target country.

In order to reach this goal we have assembled an experienced team of translators, graphic designers, programmers and marketing experts backed up by the latest technology, all of which makes the translation process flow more smoothly, reducing turnaround times and costs in the process.

Our modus operandi has helped make our software localisation, videogame and film service one of our strongpoints.

Additional Services

  • Literary translation
  • Technical and advertising copy
  • Audiovisual translation: dubbing and subtitling
  • Audio and video transcription in all languages
  • Recording of voiceovers using native speakers
  • Dubbing for films and documentaries
  • Certified translations in all languages
  • Proofreading
  • Copy-editing
  • Summaries in all languages
  • Creation and updating of glossaries

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