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Privacy Policy

Tradlingua only collects personal information provided voluntarily by users in the contact or information request forms.

Personal information is collated in order to provide information on and advertise the products Tradlingua markets. In collecting this information Tradlingua may use, among other media, email, the telephone, fax, mail or any other online media. The user expressly authorises the use of his/her data for these purposes.

Tradlingua employs the personal data protection security levels required by law and has installed the technical resources and measures required to prevent the loss, misuse, modification, unauthorised access and theft of the personal data provided by its owners.

Tradlingua does not pass personal data on to third parties. In the event that it is required to pass personal data on, it shall inform the owner of the data of the purposes and conditions of the transferral beforehand.

The user, as the owner of the data, shall have the right to access the computer files at all times and access, amend, cancel and object to the data in accordance with the provisions of data protection legislation. In requesting this, the user -as the owner of the data- must write a letter to Tradlingua, addressed to its head office, indicating his/her address so that Tradlingua can respond to the request.

Identification details

Company name LOCPROS, S.L.
VAT no. B27304294
Registered office
Telephone: 982 21 16 42
Email: mail@tradlingua.com

Company registration data

Registered in the Company Register of Lugo, Volume 328, Folio 53, Page Lu-9594, Entry no.1a.

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